You Should Read


For the last few weeks, I’ve been writing a section called “You Should Read” in the Care and Treatment weekly newsletter. My goal is to feature a different book each week that both our staff and their students might be interested in. You can read all of the previous (and some of the future) You Should Reads here I am always looking for new and exciting books to feature, so please send all of your ideas my way.


I missed this when it was first posted, but this is great, Eve. I like the audience recommendations as well.

And Every Heart a Doorway looks interesting… :slight_smile:


I can’t say enough good things about Every Heart a Doorway It’s only 176 pages, so it’s a lovely little snack of a book. The title is cheesy, but I promise the story is not.


Okay, I’ll give it a shot. I’ve added it to my Library ebook requests. I’m #37 on 4 copies, so it might be a while. :slight_smile: