Who's going to win Super Bowl 51?

Who do you think is going to win Super Bowl 51? Choose now and win savant bragging rights! Poll will close on February 4.

  • Patriots
  • Falcons

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I think it all comes down to Super Bowl experience.

Or air pressure in the balls? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Big difference here between who I think will win and who I hope will win…GO FALCONS!

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Like Emily I am heavily cheering for Atlanta but I wouldn’t posit one red cent on it. Cheating Tom Brady and his #MAGA hat can just go away forever and ever, and ever, thanks.

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I kind of torn between growing up in New England/liking the Patriots vs. the whole Brady, Kraft, Belichick political thing.

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How come Lady Gaga is not an option? :slight_smile:


Go Falcons, we need some new blood for the Superbowl champs. Matt Ryan has paid his dues and deserves this!

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Three days to go. Patriots are 3-point favorites.

I still don’t know who I’m going to root for… :confounded:

37-17 Patriots.

Wow, crazy game, amazing comeback.

Really fun game to watch if you weren’t super invested in one team winning or losing.

I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but what a game. I had a chance to watch it in a big room with NFL fans from all around the country. Super exciting!

One outcome of the Super Bowl is that I caught wind of the work of Martellus Bennet, the Patriot’s Tight End.

He’s doing some fantastic creative work, is active in social change, and is a breath of fresh air for a pro athlete. Highly recommend following him on Twitter and/or Instagram, and recommending him as a role model for youth.

Some tweets:

There’s nothing wrong with being an athlete but just know that you can be so much more.

My goals this off season are to learn stop motion and how to play jazz on the trombone. What are do you guys have planned for the offseason.

I’m not interested in building football fields or doing football camps. I’m interested in doing film camps and coding camps.


Yes! I have also been following him. Definitely an inspiration. Reminds me of Charles Barkley’s famous “I am not a role model” moment. Chuck’s point was that parents need to parent their kids and not expect pop culture or professional athletes to do it. While he’s absolutely correct, the comeback always was – like it or not, Charles, you’re in the public eye. Kids watch you, and therefore you’re a role model. With power or influence comes responsibility. Nice to see ‘Marty’ Bennett owning that, and doing lots of cool stuff to boot!

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