What do you want your LMS to do?

I pulled this from another thread about adopting a system to track PBL because I didn’t want to derail it, but I do want to continue a specific line of thought…

I agree, though I think it’s a shame because we have so few limitations with our current system. We just need people to provide feedback on what they want. We can affect design, all types of data and analytics.

We now have the most interactive, accessible tool available and I’m wondering what we can do to improve adoption. What do you want it to do? There are likely things people wish they could do that can already be done. With the addition of H5P and EdReady, we have some very interactive and personalized content available. Creating new H5P content is also very easy to do, probably easier than making a quiz the old way.

The reports and analytics we can offer are beyond what any other system can provide.

Having said all that, I am looking for feedback from people on what they would like a content platform to do. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never even used our system, I’m just looking for a wishlist and I can begin making sure those things can happen. The latest round of development has been on developing types of reports and tweaks for accessibility.

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I would also mention that with some of our NSO courses, we are at 80-90% completion. These are courses that have multiple teachers, so it’s not just the teacher that impacts student completion (overall, that is a factor). Our configuration that we are moving toward results in very successful content. I would highly suggest that teachers who want to dive into content creation first look at some of the features that are available.

  • Clear naming conventions
  • Step-based activities
  • Progress bar/checklist
  • Clear gradebook
  • Automated Feedback/Progress indicators
  • Timely/detailed feedback from instructors
  • Removal of file downloads in favor of HTML/HTML5/embedded content

That’s probably good for now, but streamlining how students get to content and the reliance on OER allows us to design for a more interactive user experience.

I would expect that using that type of content in a facilitated course which meets face-to-face can be even more successful.

One of thing that jumps out to me from a design and use standpoint is that if I am to put a reading or article on moodle–or any text at all–into a new page, that line will run from one end of the browser window to the other. Reading is hard enough on its own and having to read all the way across the window and then move your eyes to find the right line on the other side of the window is actually an extra step that I think hinders the experience in Moodle.

I think it would be great if there was a default ‘article’ setting in which any text you write would be optimized such that it would be more readable. Here is a quick resource describing my concern. Maybe this can already be done by tweaking some setting but I think it should be a default, and if you want it your text to run from one end to the other then you go and change the settings.

A quick test on my computer (with my resolution/screen etc) shows that about 120 characters show up per line when the recommended amount is 50-75 for reading online.

In a case like this, I would suggest linking to the article directly if possible because of the copyright consideration.

But, if you want to do an excerpt or the article can be shared, I would do it with HTML:

<div style="100%">
<div style="width:50%;min-width:50px;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam semper diam at erat pulvinar, at pulvinar felis blandit. Vestibulum volutpat tellus diam, consequat gravida libero rhoncus ut. Maecenas imperdiet felis nisi, fringilla luctus felis hendrerit sit amet. Pellentesque interdum, nisl nec interdum maximus, augue diam porttitor lorem, et sollicitudin felis neque sit amet erat.

The first section is default, the second is using this code:

You can always tweak the percentage to get it right, though it will be dependant on the user’s screen size. You could set a width in pixels if you need to.

If it’s a design issue you can use other div options to create aligned sections like we do on the main page of the site. We just want to try and avoid using tables to format because of accessibility issues with screen readers.