Webfilter - Chatrooms blocked

The Internet Filtering committee just approved a change to block the website category “Chatroom” for all students and this change has been implemented. It used to be blocked for the Education Only filtering level. But will now be blocked for all students.

This category is just for sites that are exclusively web-based chat rooms, not other type of social media sites, blogs or online game sites that could have chat components.

The reason for the change is that we’ve noticed that almost all chat-sites on the Internet are now days primarily used for hook-up and other adult entertainment type purposes. We’ve also noticed that some students have used sites in this category to access material that does not fit our acceptable use policy.

If you experience any problems accessing web-sites that you use in your curriculum starting today, please let me know/make a ticket and I’ll ask the filtering committee to review unblocking these specific sites.

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