Visitor Management System

Hello innovators! I am planning with our leadership team right now. Here is our debacle. Our current visitor management of paper/pencil sign in/out is antiquated.

I was wondering if any of you know about any services used either in schools or businesses that is utilized.

I would like to use a system that has:

  • A kiosk type interface via a chromebook/ipad/laptop
  • Guests enter in information (their names, who they will be meeting with)
  • A background check type feature (scans state ID’s, runs through state/federal databases)
  • An option for a quick summary of who is in the building.
  • Prints off a visitor badge with their name
  • User friendly interface
  • Low cost

Could the same system/equipment staff use to log in/out be put to use for visitors?

Not quite checking all things in the box, but a Google Form could be created. From there, a Chrome Web app directing to the form could be created. With the Chrome Web app a Chromebook could be dedicated to this app via Kiosk mode.

I wonder if a script could be written to facilitate printing visitors badges.

A few thoughts so far

Here are some Chrome apps…do not hit the ID scan bullet, but meets other needs.

I have not looked into these at all at this point and cannot speak to their performance.


Right now we are leaning towards a program/service called Sine. It is reasonably priced and looks like it is pretty comprehensive and easy to use. @hmcushing and I are doing a Live Demo at 2:30 today.

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Today I finished setting up our Sine Visitor Management system. I am looking forward to see how this streamlines the daily check-in process for our students in W-Alt as well as notifies case managers and administrators when visitors are here to see them. I will keep you updated with how it’s rolling out.

Hi. Aurora (CO) Public Schools here. We have used Greetly digital receptionist since last year. It has a user-friendly interface and a low cost. Visitors select their reason for visit, enter their info (it is flexible so whatever you wish to collect) and then prints off a visitor badge.

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How much does the monthly fee cost for Greetly?