Virtual Reality

Am curious…anybody using virtual reality tech as an opportunity to learn skills…i.e. community, independence…I want my students with autism to practice social skills/interactions…maybe I need a robot??? Anybody have any extra money :smile:

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Here’s a cheap option for Google Tours. You can build your own as well.

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Diane, most VR available to classrooms right now is “passive” virtual reality – 360 degree videos, immersion environments, etc. There is a lot of gaming in VR that is more interactive, but I don’t know of any applications like you’re suggesting.

I picked up a cheap VR headset over the break. I’m past the point where it makes me sea sick. There is a lot of cool stuff out there. Check out this app: Jaunt.

What are people’s opinions about Virtual Reality in the class ? I have a site that would like to start, I have shied away from it at this point because it is not cost effective at this point.

I’m excited about the potential, but it feels kind of rough yet. I’m looking forward to version 2.0 of things like Occulus Rift and Vive.

I wonder too, about cost to education. More expensive VR set ups are pricey and require lots of space, so they would seem to be out for education. That leaves phone-based units, which are in range price-wise but create the issue of needing someone’s phone to run.

If we could get a durable, device-agnostic VR attachment for $50, we’ve got something.

I agree, the potential is exciting, I am hopeful that phone free devices within a reasonable price range are soon available. I see endless possibilities. Prairie Care sites have classrooms without windows and high anxiety students, this would be a great escape for them. As far as applications, I did come across a virtual reality tour of the human body with descriptions of cells and their function, still pretty rough though.


Good afternoon

Did you ever get a VR to use in your classroom or maybe even a few?
I m wondering if I can help with a few links or maybe just try to help you
get the tools you are looking for.

Thanks, Will W.

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We do have a set of Google cardboards at NECA. We just got them recently. The World Studies teacher is using them to show videos, tours, and Google Expeditions. Definitely open to more ideas!

Jason has tested some units with good results in Prairie Care settings too, to help students relax. It’s worked very well.

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VR has been incredibly useful for luring kids into the classroom that initially refused and all for kids battling anxiety, with some mindfulness apps. I would love to see the cost come down, right now because it is so dependent on having phones or ipods, it I just not cost effective yet. I have found a device free VR for around $180 [VR]Phone free VR. I may give a test run with one but, I just think this will get better in the next year.

Good point…I’d hate to sacrifice my phone. I do have Google cardboard, found out I need to stay off roller coasters! The more I think of it, the more I’m leaning toward augmented reality for the potential interaction piece…hmmmm, just thinking of what the future could bring…