Virtual Media Center - Check it out!

Hopefully this is new and I haven’t been overlooking it. Noticed that there is a Virtual Media Center on the front page of the Hub. It contains a lot of great resources to support research and writing (and some math too).

Thank you (Jon F.?) for adding this resource for students. Also helpful for staff like me as well.

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I made this 9 or 10 years ago. If people use it I will update it :wink:

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Not sure why it caught my eye today. . but I was looking at the main page and dove in today. Thanks!

Then my plan worked! I thought it was too helpful not to try something new. I called it out a bit more on the main page of the site. I’m hoping students and staff will find it. If more people thing it’s something they’ll actually use, there are many updates I could make for all subject areas.

Okay, I thought that if I’m asking people to look at it that I should give it a once-over. I have replaced and updated quite a few links and have added some writing/research support from my own course in the Center. I will continue to add resources over time.

I would also like to maybe even have a link to EdReady in there for students to click on if they want to practice for ACT or Accuplacer on their own. For now, I’ve just referenced it and told them to ask their teachers if they want to use it. I kind of screwed up our opportunity to pilot the EdReady version of English due to my accident, but it will be ready for 2nd semester anyway.

I was also thinking of putting some subject area specific pages in there that go beyond, the topics covered on Databases, Writing, Grammar, Research, References and other resources.

Thanks for finding it and prompting me to update it.

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I shared with our Focus, Intersect and Strive teachers. Thanks!

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