UBlacklist: Block specific sites from search results

Thank you weather.com. Your awful, ad-laden, stupid, video-heavy site finally drove me to the point where I looked for and found something that will remove a specific web domain from my search results.

You ever do a Google search and get a lot of results from one site that are totally useless? Well, this extension is for you: UBlacklist. Just install the Chrome extension and you can now permanently exclude any web domain (yes, Pinterest too!) from all your web search results.

Google used to have filtering extension that did this but it broke recently. Thankfully this extension has replaced it.

My motivation is purely out of my absolute hatred for weather.com. All I want is a clear local forecast with useful weather information, and that site does an amazing job of giving me gobs of information about everything except useful local weather info. Problem was that weather.com results were showing up in the first three or four results in my google searches, and Iā€™d usually click them by mistake. Argh! Super annoying! But now, annoying weather site is gone from my search results. Good riddance!

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