Two new Google Apps


Two new Google Apps have been added to our domain. Currently they are only enabled for staff, but can be enabled for students at any point if we find a use.

Google Tour:
Google offers a tool called Google Tour, that allows users to create “tours” of buildings and sites around the world. The idea is a mix between a photo album and the street view function in Google Maps.

For example, you create a tour of a school and create and upload 360 photos of rooms, that is possible by other to later explore.

The tool has been around for a bit, but now we could create Tours with our District accounts that are available to view only by internal users.
Tours can then be uploaded to Google Poly:

Google App Maker

This is a programming/data presentation tool. It’s much easier to use than a pure programming language interface but demands a much different skill set than pure Google Forms. So it bridges the gap between DB and programming and Google Forms/Spreadsheets.

Information about Google App Maker:
It can be accessed through this link:



Oh, I could see that being a very cool project for students to make. Thanks for sharing!