Two new Google Apps

Two new Google Apps have been added to our domain. Currently they are only enabled for staff, but can be enabled for students at any point if we find a use.

Google Tour:
Google offers a tool called Google Tour, that allows users to create “tours” of buildings and sites around the world. The idea is a mix between a photo album and the street view function in Google Maps.

For example, you create a tour of a school and create and upload 360 photos of rooms, that is possible by other to later explore.

The tool has been around for a bit, but now we could create Tours with our District accounts that are available to view only by internal users.
Tours can then be uploaded to Google Poly:

Google App Maker

This is a programming/data presentation tool. It’s much easier to use than a pure programming language interface but demands a much different skill set than pure Google Forms. So it bridges the gap between DB and programming and Google Forms/Spreadsheets.

Information about Google App Maker:
It can be accessed through this link:


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Oh, I could see that being a very cool project for students to make. Thanks for sharing!

I know this is an old thread and my question is not directly related, but this question does not seem worthy of its own thread…

On my school PC laptop, when I am in google chrome, if I click a link that opens a new tab, the tab I searched on switches to a “bing” search and I have to hit the back button to get back to my search. Anyone know how to turn that off?

(rant) Bing keeps inserting itself like this and sometimes while I am working / teaching I try to go ahead and use it instead of google, but the site I know I want never shows up in the top results when I use Bing. Bing, you suck; go away! (/rant)


The setting for which search engine is the default in Chrome is set here: chrome://settings

If you’ve set it to Google but it switches back to Bing. Most likely is that you have some Chrome Extension installed that forces this change. It’s tricky to know exactly which Extension makes the switch. The best bet is to review the list of Extensions you have in Chrome and disable the ones that you do not need.


Thanks for giving me some place to start!

My list of Chrome extensions, and I went in to look at each one…
Flash Player
G Suite Training
Google Docs Offline
Read&Write for Google Chrome
Synergyse Training License Key for district287
Ublock origin
and then chrome apps for docs, sheets, and slides.

I even did “find” on “Bing” and it wasn’t on any of the extension pages.

Any other ideas?

Yeah, if your default search is set to Google, but Bing keeps coming up then something is amiss.

Maybe clear browsing data (cookies, cached data and files, pretty much everything)? Chrome–> Clear Browsing Data, then pick the options you want. I’d be pretty aggressive with it.

You’ll need to log back in to all your sites and whatnot, which is kind of a pain, but a lot less of a pain that getting Binged all the time.

I went in to chrome://settings/
and under “Manage Search Engines”, I deleted bing. I haven’t reproduced the problem since doing that… but nothing is opening in a new tab either. I hope it’s fixed!

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Spoke too soon… I just clicked a link that opened a new tab and my “bacteria cells” google search turned into a bing search. Ugh!

You ever solve this, or you still with Bing?

I don’t think so. I haven’t had as many google searches lately, for whatever reason, so it hasn’t been bugging me. But I’m out of ideas for fixing it.