Tsugi Framework

I stumbled onto Tsugi.org this morning and wanted to add it here for discussion and review.

The project looks aimed at helping educators build learning tools to integrate into LMSes.

I haven’t made time yet to explore the current tools on their Cloud, but apparently they are all compliant with IMS Learning Tools Interoperability, so that should play nicely with Moodle, correct?

I think I know where you stumbled on that. :slight_smile:

Some of the tools look like they want their own database access, so installation won’t be as simple as a Moodle plugin, but I’m still too ignorant about either to know for sure.

Yes, I bet you are correct. :slight_smile:

I’m hopeful that by the end of the coursework these things will make more sense.

(For reference, Jim is referring to the Web Applications for Everybody Specialization we signed up for.)

Just looked at the tools. How are these any different than what is already available in Moodle/Canvas? I’m wondering if they’re features more geared toward “LMSs” that aren’t really a LMS.

Yes, when I browsed through them, I thought about half or more looked like they were aimed at Google Classroom.

There were another half dozen, however, that looked like they go beyond that and might be useful for us.

Iframe - We can do this by simply adding the embed code from a site, or just by adding:


in the html and adding the website in the code. I typically advise against this as many sites don’t allow it anyway.

Quick Write - This is a short answer quiz question in Moodle or H5P

Quizzes - GIFT questions are an available format in Moodle quizzes.

YouTube - This can be done via H5P but with even more quizzing options.

Course Map - This is for Google Classroom users to help students find their place in a course. Moodle does this with progress indicators.

Grade View - Moodle/Genius

Simple Attendance Tool - We do not have this enabled, but there is a plugin for it. If there is a demand, I can install and test.

Random Pictures - Lightbox Gallery option or Random Glossary entry block in Moodle

Peer-Graded Dropbox - Workshop module

Breakout - You got me there. If we need Breakout this could be an option :wink:

External Tool (LTI) - We have this enabled already. We use it with EdReady, Careers courses, eDynamic, etc.

Chat - We have, but I’m not sure there is a value in this when there is Hangout/BBB available.

Nice, so it looks like we can do most everything already?

I wondered if there might be differences in quality or options between some of the tools? It sounds like our existing YouTube options might be better, but what about the Quick Write or Random Pictures? (I can check these as well, of course.)

When I was poking about, it looked like they had some interesting tools for grading coding, which I was thinking might be helpful for CS courses.

To the student I don’t think some of the differences matter. I do prefer the layout/design/UX of H5P over quite a few other tools at the moment. I played around with the interactive video element a couple weeks ago at a CTE workshop and it’s really nice.

One thing I want to discuss with you is the difference between having multiple short interactive videos on the same page, or having one longer interactive video. It takes up less space on the overall page, and my current thinking is that the interactive elements negate the danger of using longer video segments.