Trauma and Learning

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Quick shout out to @Julia_Berry – we both attended a session led by Joy DuGruy who give a very insightful and powerful lecuture on 'Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome’ and how trauma is impacting communities of color.

I wanted to also share this resource, which contains several books on teaching students who have experienced trauma, and how to create schools which are sensitive to trauma. I feel like these two resources help define a problem faced by schools today–PTSS-- as well as a strategy for addressing it (The books). Have a look-see and let me know what you think


Here’s a cool event that sounds like it may also include some good learning about trauma in schools.

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I stumbled onto this site in looking for some other resources on trauma sensitive schools. It’s interesting in that it’s presented by a law firm bringing a case against a school district for not addressing the needs of traumatized kids. I’m not sure I advocate the legal challenge behind this, but the information is good, and the fact that a law suit came of this is worth noting.

The Trauma and Learning Policy Institute is putting out a series of talks about the impact of trauma on learning. Thought I would share here for anyone following the conversation

Blog can be found here


Part 3 Found here

And the video:

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