TIES 2017 Resources

This forum thread is meant to be a place to add your links and resources from the TIES 2017 conference.

Google Arts and Culture


Here is the link to Breakout EDU! https://www.breakoutedu.com/about

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Google Sheets demos, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Here is the link for computer science programming mobile apps: https://course.mobilecsp.org/mobilecsp/course
Here are some other great links:

Games for change

Presentation- do more with google forms

Digital breakouts- like the physical kind, these are created to have students solve puzzles while learning about a particular topic

More coding sites:
CSFORALL.ORG resources for coding
CoderDojo website- free open source coding
Codecombat.com - gamify coding
CS-FIRST.com (Google)
Mozilla thimble- website that will teach students how to create a website


Stuff on My “Check it Out” List
Horizon Report ( A report predicting upcoming trends in K-12 education)
Deck Toys (not sure what this is yet)
Explore Like a Pirate (Book on how to gamify a class)
Sprlng Lake Park’s Human Centered Design Initiative
Genius Hour (Letting students explore a passion for a part of a school day)
DoInk (for greenscreening on an iPad)
Panoform (a platform for creating simple VR experiences using paper for Google Cardboard glasses)
Digital Breakout EDU (cool site for making digital breakout activities)

Hold an EdCamp for Students focused on "How Can we Make School Better"
Connect with cell phone dealers for getting handout cell phones for VR use in schools

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Digital Design & Delivery

Nice work, Jon. This is really good.