Teachers Guild

The Teachers Guild is a collaboration between educators which uses design thinking to create innovative solutions to common problems within schools. I have been following along with it for a few months and they will post challenges in which educators will propose solutions and vote on their favorites, eventually winnowing it down to a few exceptional ideas.

It is a cool resource that has a lot of ideas, and perhaps we could join in on the fun?!

The current topic is building empathy in our students-- [#buildempathy] (https://collaborate.teachersguild.org/challenge/empathy/ideate) – check it out!

This looks really interesting, Jake. Thanks for sharing it.

I signed up for an account, but haven’t had time to poke about yet. I’m looking forward to exploring more soon. They are also active on Twitter, which might be worth a follow @teachersguild

Ha. I actually stumbled across this site again as I was looking for something else, not realizing that it was the site you posted about.

There are some excellent ideas for things to try with students in each of their “question explorations”. As you mention, the projects that answer the question, “How might we build empathy for and across students so that we serve their diverse needs and better understand each other?” are interesting. Good stuff!