Supporting Student Leadership through Service

I’m hoping to connect with educators who work with students in 7th-12th grades interested in working together to develop students’ leadership skills through creating and activating service projects in their school community. This initiative is called Students In Action and we offer free resources for students and educators, including:

  1. Student Leadership Conferences in the Fall and Winter. The 2018 Fall Conference is Sat. 10/27 at UMN.
  2. Online tools and courses in leadership and service project planning, built on the IPARDE service learning framework.
  3. Personal support by local (Twin Cities) staff to meet with and assist students and educators.
  4. Recognition Platform for students to honor outstanding service within their own school/community.

Please contact me to learn more about Students In Action. I’d love to speak with you, or anyone you know who might be interested! I can be reached at or 763-742-8142.

Tom Basquill, MN Regional Director

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Thanks for posting this here, Tom. I will share this with some educators who may be interested!

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Thanks for passing this info along, Ben! In case anyone is interested, here is a short (under 3:00) video about “What is Students In Action.

Following up with you by email - I run our schools student council and am wondering how best I could leverage SIA.


Reporting back for the benefit of other readers of this thread: Melissa Winship and I got a bus and took 3 SECA students from the SEC building to the free 9-3 Saturday conference at the U. Our students were very engaged in the training and all 3 are interested in giving up another Saturday for the winter conference. We will be having our first SECA SIA meeting this Tuesday 11/6. One of our students is gunning for us to win the regional competition so as to get sent to DC in June.


That’s awesome, Leslie. Any particular take-aways from the conference, for either you or your students?

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Donzell Dixson was speaking on project management. But before you can take in and do his advice on projects he had a great way of driving home that YOU have to know who you are and what you want or the rest doesn’t matter. Our first SIA meeting I think we’re going to be looking into how to incorporate that into a SECA advisory activity; so many of our students (and my own HS senior as well) don’t have a handle on what they want after HS or out of HS.

Also, our students were just amazed at how many young people are working hard at doing good for their communities.


Thanks so much for sharing, Leslie! I’m really happy to hear you and your students felt it was a valuable event, and I look forward to working with you and your students more this year! I am happy to speak with anyone else in this group about “Students In Action” and offering opportunities to increase student leadership and service opportunities! FYI - Winter Student Leadership Conference is Sat. Jan. 26th at Macalester College!