Spoiler Feature

Leslie was asking about a feature common to forum software for allowing spoiler tags on text, basically a feature that allows a poster to hide or blur text that might give away too much information about a topic (like the ending of a story or whatnot) that some might not want to read. This would be helpful for a new conversation group that Leslie wants to start.

The default version of this software doesn’t have this feature, but there is a common plugin that we can install that allows this.

The plugin can be found here on Github. I’ll see if Jonas can install it for us.

Mike, I think that [details] option works well enough. That’s how I use Click/Reveal in courses. It works in pretty much every platform. (90% of the time it works every time.)

Another example is at the end of the episode when


The polar bear came charging out of the jungle!!!

How’d that work?



Little settings wheel -> hide details

Okay, sure, let’s just use that Summary feature. I didn’t realize you can change the name of “Summary” as well, so you can do something like this to let people what type of a spoiler it is:

Empire Strikes Back Spoiler

No. I am your father!

Response to ESB spoiler

Noooooooooooo! It’s not true! It can’t be!

Testing out something to demonstrate…

I think this forum also has a nice threading feature… When something has been replied to a couple of times, there is a little arrow next to “2 Replies” that then shows the posts that are replies in line with that post instead of at the bottom.

You can go back up to the 2nd post in the thread by Jon_Fila and see a little arrow to try it out.

(But the software won’t let Leslie make 3 consecutive replies… It wants her to go edit her previous posts and combine them. Tough for demonstrating.)


Just testing…other than the polar bear, it worked well.

Broken Polar Bear...

At least the sea lion works well.

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