Science In a Box Kits

As a science team we have talked about and started to create box kits that science teachers can use and share with each other. These kits have mostly non-consumable materials and would allow teachers to check the box out and do the lab with their students with all of the materials they would need. I am looking at creating more of these boxes and would love to hear any ideas teacher might have for labs that they would like to see. Right now I have one that is almost done, which is the AVID three hole bottle demonstration. Any other thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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HI Lauren,
What about the brain curriculum. It takes a ‘box’ of specific items for the classroom.

Matt Kaylor may or may not be better able to speak to this… but we have some biology models (including a head) at SECA that we could probably donate to a kit.

At NEC we have a Sensory Science cart( Some lab items that are consummable and some that are not on the cart) with the science lessons shared with teachers on google drive. The teacher can then go into the cart ,grab the tray with the lab items for that lesson , and then go back to their room to do the lesson that has been shared with them on Google drive. I will share you on the Sensory Science folder so that you can take a look if you want.

I am gathering some supplies for some circuitry projects to use with Raspberry Pis but it could be easily converted to using just a 9V battery. The kid would have breadboards, wire, resistors, leds etc.

Additionally we could make a cloud chamber similar to this:

At NEC we also have created kits that go along with Mystery Science and will be stored in our curriculum library and available to check out. I believe a teacher worked to put them together and will be monitoring if anything needs to be replaced.

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Thank you for letting me know about that. What grade levels are those kits?

They are K-5, but I believe lessons could be used with older students to introduce a topic. Most do not feel too little kid-ish to me. Here’s the link: Mystery Science

This is probably old news, but just in case…

When I saw this video, I was reminded of the Science-in-a-Box kits. These Foldscopes are cheap cardboard microscopes that can you can use by themselves or with a smartphone camera. The classroom kits are $35 for 20 'scopes, which maybe fits with the Science-in-a-Box theme?

I have not found any curriculum created around the 'scopes. They do have a “Microcosmos” web community/forum thing where people can share their experiements and pictures.

If there’s interest, I’ll be happy to show off the Deluxe Individual Kit that I just impulse-bought.

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Maybe you could do a Show and Tell for 5 minutes or so at the next Innovation Coaches meeting?


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