Reward purchases

At West we are looking for a way to streamline purchases made by reward points. Currently, every student has a checkbook style register in a google sheet that staff can edit. However, this is really time consuming for those who run our cafe and stores and often purchases are entered late so balances are inaccurate.
We are wondering if there is a way to have real time point balances and purchases.I have looked at RedCritter which is cheap on the surface, but to use RedCritter Connecter for what we need would be quite costly as are other similar services.
One thing I wonder is if there is a way to have staff enter purchases in one spreadsheet and have it feed to their individual checkbooks? Can anyone think of an easy way to do this?

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This is the type of thing that is right up my alley. I have made a similar spreadsheet that outputs data to a student’s personal spreadsheet. You could probably create a form that keeps a running total of all students’ account balance and then have that spreadsheet send out each individual’s balances and deposits/withdrawals. I could mock something up for you to take a look at tomorrow and share it with you.

Are the students also the ones who document the withdrawals or is that something the staff does?

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Here is a quick form that staff could use to enter transactions

Here is the response spreadsheet with all student info

Here is an example student only template that would automatically update when the form is filled out (if you want to test it out use student ID 2 in the form and it should update in the master sheet and the studentview sheet).

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I too am curious about this for NWTC!

Thank you for sharing this. I would be interested in checking out any further examples as well.

Thank you for sharing this. I responded to email and thanked you, but that was dumb. I don’t think it made it to you.
Would you be willing to share the front end of the form with me so that I can make a copy?

Oh, I did not receive an email.

I can definitely share the form with you, when you end up making a new copy (and adding any new parameters) let me know and we can work on making the spreadsheet work for your needs to! Feel free to email me at if you have any specific questions about setting up your working version.

Yeah, that’s because I replied to one of those emails about your post that says, “Do not reply to this email.” :flushed: