Remember FreedomPop?

Back in 2013 we used to talk about FreedomPop as a solution for free wifi hotspots? You buy the device and then you got a free gig a month in data that carried over? Yeah, well, check your credit card statements if you ever started an account with them. They started charging credit cards $.01 a month for the last few months that I can determine without warning or prior agreement. I haven’t used the device in years and found out last year that it no longer functioned on their network anyway. You can deactivate your accounts.

I get nowhere with their customer service and they charge for phone support. They don’t answer questions and say they don’t issue refunds (but they do because I got one). They wanted me to DM them on Twitter, I responded, they didn’t approve my forum posts responding to others where this was happening and they don’t really answer my questions directly. I tried to get an actual street address for the company in L.A. but they won’t give me one.

I filled out a complaint with the MN Attorney General’s Office about their practices.

Just thought this might affect some others here as well from the early Innovation Coach days.
Good thing I never delete my email and still had my initial contract.

Funny you should mention that. Back in 2015 I noticed that I had been getting a monthly charge of $14.95 or something like that from them for over a year. I never intentionally activated the service but figured that I must have just clicked a wrong button somewhere. I canceled/deleted my account, but didn’t bother fighting them over it.

Now that I see this post, I wonder if they “activated” my account on their own. Grrr.