Reducing Grading Clicks in Moodle 3.3

So I was talking with another teacher about grading things in the new Moodle, and one of the things they surprised me with was their opinion that grading in Moodle 3.3 now takes more clicking than it did in the previous version. I think part of this is due to user familiarity with the new system, but in any case I thought it might be helpful to discuss/brainstorm ways to reduce the need for clicking so much when grading things.

One thing that we looked at was how in Moodle 3.3, when you click on “Needs Grading” at the bottom of an assignment, the grading window opens up and shows an individual page for one student, in a stack of all the students in a course. Then you have to click on the little icon in the top right, and check “needs grading” so that it only shows the students whose work needs grading.

We were wondering, is there a way to get things to work so that when you click on “Needs grading”, it only displays pages for students whose work actually needs grading, in other words so that it defaults to the “needs grading” being checked off.

I realize this description might not be so helpful, I can make a quick video or post a screenshot if I’ve totally confused everyone.

Yep, I noticed this issue right away as well. It would take far too long to enter grades this way. I just click on grades from the navigation pane on the left and then enter the grades into the overall grade book. It’s really the only workaround that I’ve discovered.

I could see that if you’ve got the student work in hand, or external to Moodle. I do think that by doing it that way you’re overriding the assignment grading system, and the grade goes in as an “override”. I’m trying to think if that would create some issues, but I suppose as long as you use that system exclusively it would work fine.

For me, most of the student submissions come via assignment submission inside of Moodle, so I’m both viewing and grading the work inside Moodle.

I’ll get a video made and posted here. It’s actually fewer clicks than it was before if you do it the right way :wink:

I was able to hack one of the clicks out and I know that there are two more that are possible if I can find the right file to tweak. Maybe you could help Mike?

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Yes, of course. I’d like that.

I would have time starting on Monday to work on this.

Great, I’ll let you know. I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling on Monday but maybe a hangout sometime next week?

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Once you’ve come back to life, any time works for me.

It does have more clicks, but I like it that it puts the symbol, -* next to the student name in the drop down menu inside the assignment edit/grade, that is very helpful. It tells me right in the drop down menu that how many assignments I have to grade and it makes the grading easier. Anyway I look forward to seeing your new video Jon and Mike on this.

This one is NSO specific. I think I just added the Ungraded Assignment report for all courses. Let me know if you aren’t seeing it or if it doesn’t work. This will be especially helpful for Gateway and WAlt teachers. I’ll do some testing and let them know soon.

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Improvements have just been uploaded so that each course contains a Grade Everything link. Click on that link in your Configurable Report block on the right of your course and it will generate a report that will show you each assignment that requires grading across all of your courses (assignments, quizzes, forum posts). On the right of the column there is a link to the grading page for each one (if you don’t see the link, scroll to the right).

Speaking of Grading Pages, you will now see that you no longer have to expand submission summaries. In addition, the requires grading filter is applied to each assignment grading page now, that means that when you are finished grading an assignment and save, you can click on the next arrow at the top of the page and you will be redirected to the next one of those assignments that requires grading (this only works for the assignment you are not and does not jump to other assignment pages).

So, the second paragraph should reduce grading user experience by three clicks per assignment. The addition of the Grade Everything resource now means you no longer have to set up notification messages that can clutter your inbox. You also no longer have to jump into each course (and assignments in those courses) to see which ones require grading.

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This is the best thing ever. I calculated it saves three clicks and two page loads for every assignment. At a rough estimate, it’s reduced my grading time by 50%.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the free time.

But seriously, thanks for sticking with this, Jon. I know it took a lot of persistence.

Thanks Mike. I forgot about the fact that we once had to go to the grading summary first and then view submissions and then open them. Already a week in and I forget how much more it used to be.

The thing that drives me crazy is that one of the things I actually had working when I first talked to you about it months ago but never finished testing, it just didn’t look right so I abandoned it. I learned a good lesson there.