Real-Time Captioning in Google Slides

This is a great new feature.

Real-time captioning is expensive. Captioning supports not just deaf and hard of hearing populations, but also our EL learners, and can improve student literacy. I look forward to trying this out.

Another application of this could be to screencast your presentation while this is on and save time on captioning your video presentations.

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I am interested in that also and will try it


I wonder, does it keep a transcript too?

That’s a good question. I haven’t tried it yet. It would be nice if that were archived somewhere that could be edited, but I suspect that it does not since it occurs in presentation mode. It would be nice if in Present mode, you just had the option to record and post directly to YouTube. I’m wondering if this will help in the auto-captioning on YouTube as well since they’re now updating text in real-time according to context.