Quizlet for vocabulary building

Has anybody used Quizlet??? This year I have a bunch of walking/talking kids that I’m working with on vocabulary (not my usual caseload, usually I work with non-verbal). Unfortunately, we have no handy dandy materials. I ran into Quizlet and it seems that although it would take a little time to set up specific vocabularies for specific kids…I think they’d like it…at least for a bit. Any opinions???


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I have used quizlet and it works fairly well between PC and Mobile devices. It has a lot of great features that go beyond a simple flash card tool (games, adding images, generate quizzes,etc). There is also a library that contains a ton of sets that have been created by others. I like it, so feel free to ask anything about it.

guess I am gonna buy that membership :slight_smile:

One thing you might consider is if it would make sense to build the quizzes in Moodle? That way all our staff would have them, we’d be able to manage them internally, and it wouldn’t have a cost?

Moodle might not have the visual bells and whistles of a dedicated product, but from a functional standpoint it’s pretty flexible and solid. If there are things on the Quizlet site that makes them easier to use for your kids that might be another thing, though.