Publishing Student Writing

We have a student that completed a personal narrative about his sister’s death. He would like to share his story with others. The family and team were thinking about blogs but didn’t know of any easy and safe options. Suggestions?

I would think that probably your best bet would be Blogger. (Link: Free to use with a Google Account, which the student should already have at their disposal.

However, I have also had some success with the students using Medium (a really elegant looking, long form blogging site). They have written under pseudonyms to ensure anonymity and I have proofed their work before publishing to make sure that everything is appropriate.

Hoe those help! Have a great day!

Erik Andress (NECA)

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With whom would he like to share it? People he knows or the public in general? I would shy away from using his district google account to set up a blog since it would be gone after the student leaves the district.

Tumblr is very quick and easy to set up and is the choice of most of my students to fulfil their blogging requirement. There is also WordPress, which is more likely to be useful if the student really gets into it and wants something to maintain.

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I’m not sure of the goals… I will take all ideas to share back. I really appreciate the thought for looking beyond the student’s time with us- thank you!

If an anonymous but supportive venue would be helpful - maybe [storybooth]?
( I haven’t used it.