Projects, Pedagogy, and Play - March 29, 2019

Projects, Pedagogy and Play is a fun, informal, one-day local conference coming up this March 29 in Coon Rapids. I’ve been to two of these and have come away each time feeling like the time was well spent. It’s also super cheap: $20!

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The one we took NECA students to last spring was a really great experience. I’m hoping to travel over spring break, but if not I’d be there!

It’s during our official 287 spring break, but I think I’m going to put in a proposal for a SCRUM session. Open invitation, Ben, if you want to co-present. :slight_smile:

Kris, the makerspace teacher at ABEC, and I are going to co-present too! Could Innovation cover the registration cost?

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Yep, most definitely if you’re presenting!

We can discuss offline the details