Professional Development & Summer Learning

I have been managing a calendar of Professional Development and Community Education opportunities. In an attempt to work smarter not harder, I am now opening it up to crowdsource events. I believe the settings are such that anyone should be able to add and change events. Please help me fill it up. You can find it here.

I would also like to develop a list of summer opportunities either on the calendar or in another spot if that’s how it makes sense. These opportunities are often longer and have application deadlines earlier in the year.

For example, NEH has summer seminars as does Gilder Lerhman. I have attended programs through both in the past, Native American History at Dartmouth, The Civil Rights Movement at KU, and Alabama’s Role in the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham.

I have started a document to gather summer opportunities. Anyone in the district can edit it, so feel free to add stuff as you learn about it.

I’m not able to access the calendar via the link? Thanks for the great resources in the body of the post!

I changed the link. Does it work for you now?

I was able to add the calendar, via the link. I really like it, Hannah, and I’m interested in some of the upcoming events. Thanks for putting this together! As a suggestion, it might be cool to embed the calendar on a simple google site, that way people could view the events without adding them to their own calendar.


That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

Here it is embedded in a website for easier access and sharing.

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Yes! Thank you! This is an amazing resource.