Potentially beneficial app - Teacher/Parent communication - SeeSaw

My daughters school use an app called SeeSaw for communication between teacher/parent. I’ve been really impressed by how user friendly and useful it is. Each week her violin teacher video tapes her lesson to work on and posts in the app. Every now and then a teacher will post a video from class.

It’s best described as a private Facebook like app, in which multiple teachers can post messages/photos/videos from class to share with each individual students parent (or a group of students parents).

I didn’t see it mentioned here on the forum so I thought I share it as a potentially beneficial tool.

I know there are some of our teachers that often share photos/videos with parents, this tool might be very useful for those purposes. It also seems to fit rather well in with the Districts strategic plan 3.

This is an article about a special ed teacher who talks of how she use the app:

The website of the company: