Poll Test: Crunchy or Creamy?

Cool! I just learned that our Innovation Forum has a built-in polling feature! I thought we should test it out with a critical life question:

Do you prefer Crunchy Peanut Butter or Creamy Peanut Butter?

  • Crunchy rules!
  • Creamy is the best!

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What about the third option:

Padding post count numbers? :wink:


Ha. You funny. I’ve got too big of a lead already. Eat my dust. You never catch up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I actually tried to add a third and fourth option for neither and no preference, but you can’t edit a public poll once it’s gotten a vote.)

What’s with all you Crunchy People?

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They’ve clearly had a difficult childhood :wink:


Everyone says they like crunchy, but I’ll bet if you look in their cupboards you’ll find nothin’ but creamy.


Texture is an important aspect in the enjoyment of food. :slight_smile:


Nothing but crunchy in my cupboards! Unless you count CookieButter - that’s creamy and delicious!


I actually have 2 different brands of crunchy; one is organic from Trader Joes and the other is Skippy. I simply can’t live without it.

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I would actually suggest that those of us in the crunchy camp are just more excited about peanut butter in general. I feel like creamy people are sort of “meh” on PB overall.

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Humm. Maybe? I have a hot/cold relationship with my creamy peanut butter.

Sometimes we’re like :heart_eyes:, but then we’ll go weeks without spending time together.

I usually get creamy but mostly because I don’t see a lot of crunchy options that aren’t full of sugar. Sometimes, when I’m shopping, I pretend to be healthy.

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Creamy has made a strong comeback. It was down by four or five early on.

Maybe Creamy People are procrastinators?

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Pretty much everything I bake with, and I bake a lot, uses creamy (all about that Jif). If it’s a sandwich I use natural creamy but I think natural is more crunchy than smooth.