Parent Resource Fair

I am currently working on an idea, and I could use some help brainstorming. On the ALC level, we tend to have a pretty significant disconnect from our students’ families. There are many reasons for this. Some of it has to do with the older nature of our student population, but I think, in the past, we haven’t made a big effort because we use this as an excuse.

I have thought a lot about what might bring our families to an event, and one thing I am exploring is family resource fair for SECA/SEC families.

  1. Has anyone else tried to bring resources to their families in this way? If so, what did you do and how did you go? Any advice for me?

  2. Have you tried having an event out in the community as opposed to in the school building? Where did you go, and how well did it work?

  3. What resources would you suggest I include? We are planning to send a survey to families to see what they might want, but I want to give them some options. We are thinking of sexual health resources, mental health resources, healthcare navigation, library partnerships, GED/education options for families who want/need them, parent feedback/leadership at SECA or SEC…if there are things I am missing, please let me know.

Ultimately, we want our families to feel welcome with us. I am hoping this might improve attendance at events overall at SECA or SEC events.

The only suggestion I have is to offer food. That seems to be what brings people around in my kids’ school. They had a BBQ that was packed with parents and kids a few weeks ago. I also remember that in a previous job when we had a Restorative conference that we would always end with food and drink. People really seem to open up once they have a plate of food in their hands.

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Hey, sorry for the delay in responding… I am not aware of other 287 groups trying something quite like this. But I do recall a few years back that W-Alt had a bunch of community people coming in on Fridays to interact with students. Anyone from West / W-Alt got more memories about that to contribute?