Olympic Challenge (Current Events Game for the Olympics)

Olympic Challenge is a fantasy sports type of simulation that gamifies following the upcoming Olympics to get kids interested in the world around them.

What’s really interesting about this particular event is that it’s built from collaboration between a Minnesota teacher and a Minnesota company.

You can sign up students and teachers for free, and even win PRIZES!

Details here: Olympic Challenge

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We launched an NEC schoolwide competition today! League code: philippines-611

Nice! Is there a way to follow along? I’d be curious to see how it goes.

Hopefully once the games start I’ll be able to share the leaderboard.

How’s it going?

Well, we had about 25 people complete entries. Overall I think this is a fun concept, but I think the web interface on FanSchool is really lacking. It seems very beta. Making the picks was very clunky. Some people had a hard time picking the countries they wanted, as the geographically smaller countries were hard to select on the map.

In my math classes we don’t really do a lot of current events stuff. I could see this being a great addition to a class that does daily news or really talks a lot about current events.

I’m currently in 2nd place, duking it out with Emily and Tonya, and planning on winning this thing!

Cool, that’s great that you tried it! Hopefully they can improve the UI. That can be a killer.

And good luck in your victory run!