Not getting digests or reply notifications

The last time I got a forum digest email was January 14th and I haven’t been getting emails about people replying to things I post. This seems like a major hindrance to getting people (like me) to post here. Fix it?

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ll do some tests and let Jonas know. I didn’t think I had that issue, but now that you mention it I don’t recall getting a digest email recently.

Jonas has spotted the issue, and is working on a solution. :slight_smile:

@MikeSmart Test

@MikeSmart @HLeslieGrebe Testing notifications

You get a notification about this?

Not at this point, just saw a notification within discourse. I’ll reply here if I get any emails.

@HLeslieGrebe Thanks, yes, they are still failing for me too. I found a message just now indicating as much in the admin dashboard as well. I met with Jonas today for a bit and he was working on it. We thought he may have fixed it, but that doesn’t appear to be the case yet. I’ve let him know again. Now that he’s on it, I’m hopeful that we’ll get it wrapped up tomorrow.

I got my weekly IF email today.

Got it!!!

@Jonas_Sjoberg @HLeslieGrebe @BenDrewelow

Yep! Success! Thanks for your hard work on this, Jonas!

All notifications should be working again now.

Is it possible to “watch” one of the “categories”? I think new threads started in the outpost (for example) do not end up in the digest. Is there a way for new threads in a category to trigger a notification to those in that group?

Yes, you can do this in your preferences.

Click your icon in the top right, then the small gray settings gear wheel. On the left side of the subsequent window you’ll see an option for Notifications - Categories. Click that and you can set an option to watch or track categories or topics.

Let me know if my directions fail you and I will explain in greater detail.

That’s awesome - thanks! I think outposters should follow the outpost, right? To know when new discussions start?

If we start a GSA or other affinity groups here, it would probably make sense for its members to do that as well. Can the group owner/administrator do it for people?

Sure thing, happy to help. As for the following, yes, that can be a very good idea. That way you should get a notification when someone makes a post in that category, so you won’t have to depend on the summary, which is less frequent.

It’s probably worth mentioning that I believe as well that it emails you only once until you visit the forum again, at which point the trigger resets. That way if there are a dozen posts quickly you don’t get a dozen emails spamming your inbox.

I think there is a way for site administrators to make overall notifications default to on, but it’s not a recommended practice. Protocol is to default to off, for spamming/annoyance reasons, and let users set their own preferences.