Music for students

What music sites do students use to listen to music as a coping skill as they work at different sites. We are trying to find ones that keep things appropriate and do not have the ability for our students to chat with others.

I’m listening (no pun intended). We’re sort of in Wild West mode with this at NECA - as far as kids listening to music during independent work times. My problem with it is that what I’ve read tells me listening to music while studying is very counterproductive - particularly the repetitious, rhythmic styles of music that most Americans listen to. Permitting listening with earbuds may help us manage classroom behavior or students may use it to cope, but I’m pretty convinced it doesn’t help with learning or productivity, likely with some exceptions.

Here’s an article that lays this out pretty well. Even knowing all that, however, I’m still not at the point where I’m telling students “no you can’t” because our culture isn’t ripe for that and I’d be on an island. We need to figure out more ways to teach to this topic and reach a level of mutual understanding as staff as far as what is appropriate and not, what is helpful and not.

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Yes I understand you point on if music does help. For our students they use it a lot during work time and it can help some of them with staying focus and not getting distracted by others. However, it does become a balance of how much time they are finding music compared to working. Luckily we can use go guardian to see this. What we have been running into is finding a site that is not blocked. Youtue is not but there are lyrics and videos that come up that are not appropriate. At times we have said no music and it does not go over well because like you said it such a part of the culture.

I have been using Google Music/Play for myself so I’m not sure about censoring lyrics and it does suggest YouTube videos…it might not be so useful for your purpose.

I particularly like sorting by ‘Browse Stations’ and Activities or Moods.

I have adopted what one of our Vector North teachers has used in her classrooms. The expectation for her class is that students can only have one playlist that plays continually so they are not going back and forth changing songs.

When I worked with the ATTAIN group during the summers, I made my own version of this (CHOMP).