Moodle questions!

Is there a way for me personally to get some of the old moodle courses that I definitely no longer need OUT of my drop down list when I am logged into

Sure, send me a list of links to them and I’ll have them deleted.

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Is it possible for our alternative school teachers to be the official teacher for courses offered through NSO? For example, could someone at SECA licensed in Biology be the teacher for one student for the moodle course that NSO offers on Veterinary Science? If not, why?

It depends. If the course is one that was created in-house then we can just give the ALC teacher a copy of the course, we have done that a number of times.

Some courses we don’t own, they are vendor courses we pay for per student, so paying another teacher wouldn’t really be an option, some courses were developed by instructors and NSO doesn’t technically own them, sometimes we’ve received permission to use those as well.

The Vet Science course is one of our vendor courses. The enrollment in NSO is what covers the license for the course that is used and the cost of the instructor. I would suggest you reach out to David VanDenBoom if you have questions about that course or how we might be able to support you.

Helpful info - thanks! Is it possible to know (like a list) what NSO courses could be freely leveraged as part of the ALC reboot?

Hey Jon - Jake Zimbric was asking about the degree to which H5P activities can be incorporated into the Moodle gradebook. It looks like we’ve got the plug-in installed under “Interactive Content” for activities?

For example, can points from questions on video activities like this one be scored like a quiz and then appear in the gradebook?

Most of what is available is in the curriculum hub already. For the rest, we’ll have to send out a survey to NSO teachers to see if they would allow their courses to be used. I think it’s a good idea, it’s just going to take some time. Also, getting people to fill out surveys might not be the best approach. Maybe I’ll have someone follow up with them individually.

I think there’s a common misconception out there that NSO courses don’t really require any facilitation and are independent studies. These courses take just as much, if not more work for a teacher to facilitate.

I don’t know enough about it. I’ve not had time to test it. In all honesty, someone else will likely have to take the lead on that plug-in. Since it’s in activities, I assume that it can. Other than meeting curriculum support requests that come in, my schedule is now full through the summer with PD, course improvements and curriculum writing.

No worries at all. Maybe Jake and I can play around with it.