Moodle Left Hand Menu Courses

I’m wondering, is there rhyme or reason as to what determines what courses show up in the left hand side “Courses” sub menu? Is there a way to control this?

I’m asking because several of the 287 mentors had the course show up for them there when they were enrolled in the course, but after a bit it disappeared from the menu. They then think they’ve been un-enrolled and email for help.

When I logged in as one mentor to check, she’s enrolled in a half dozen courses but only two are showing up in the menu for her.

It is currently set to alphabetical order, but I think there is a bug that is preventing some courses from appearing. I’ve been unable to determine a pattern. It is something I’m looking into.

For now, you can view all courses by clicking on your profile image, selecting profile and you will see a list of all your courses (even the ones that don’t appear in your navbar). I know this is a hassle and it is on my list of priorities.

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Turns out this wasn’t a bug. Teachers had course completion set so that the course would be removed from their list once certain conditions have been met. Once I fixed those, the courses started appearing again as expected.

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