Mindfulness Resources

Lots of pockets within the district our doing great stuff with mindfulness.

I am on the list for a SEC mindfulness group led by Jules Nolan and I will link to some of those resources here… Feel free to reply and add on or request help finding stuff!

district folder of resources:



There is a related form of training in an 8-week intensive course that has been around for decades called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It is offered through Universities and such usually at a substantial cost. There is also, however, a free online version using pdf readings, youtube videos, and mp3 guided meditation files http://palousemindfulness.com/selfguidedMBSR.html that will mail you the certification if you complete all the logs and send them in. I did it by myself over the summer (but didn’t send anything in) and found it very helpful.

Jules shared Cheat Sheet of Mindful Activities at the EA Mentoring Meeting last month.

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Got to say, I was skeptical…but now use the app “Calm” daily. Love it! Can you tell I’m way more relaxed:wink:


Check out calm.com They offer free accounts for educators.

From Jules:
Here is a link to an excellent 7 minute video about why mindfulness is important for teachers - Tish Jennings

Check out this resource with lots of info for both personal practice of mindfulness and for teaching to our students. I really liked the article on end of the year burnout. Read it here

mindful practice, gratitude, emotion with audio and video
produced by Second Step = CASEL recommended

From Mary Watkins:
Here is a great Tedtalk that we watched during our all Itinerant Mindfulness training yesterday. It was very inspiring to see these 3 men teach their students how to control their behavior through mindfulness
Breathing Love into Communities

From Sarah Blouin:
Guided mintue meditation - has an app too!

Love Letter to the Wilderness

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Mindfulness Newsletter - does this link work?

Another one:

your links are solid. Thanks!

It looks like the need for this thread has been replaced with a new awesome website of tools!

Mindfulness for Educators

I’ve been feeling super stressed since January 20 at noon, for some reason.

This week I started getting up a few minutes earlier and starting the day with some meditation. It’s helping a ton already.

Huh, same happened to me. I actually write at least one letter, email, tweet or phone call to an elected rep before I start working. I use pretty much the same guidelines that I give my students.

That has actually helped center me and make me feel like I got something done that I don’t have to dwell about while I work.