Maybe not directly related to equity, and possibly well known to all in this forum. But I found the topic in this article quite though provoking. The negative aspects of meritocracy and how it can change our thinking and make us less generous.

It made me start to think if this might not be the source of my own limits as it comes to equity. At first I disagreed with the article, but as it stayed with me and I pondered it over the days. It made me wonder if it does not put the finger on the exact issue of my own blind-spots in equity.

By relying on merit as a means of feeling at ease with the current social order we might completely miss the fact that it was hardly a level playing field to reach that merit.



Thanks for sharing, Jonas. This absolutely does connect directly to our equity work. The myth of meritocracy is considered to be one of the “marginalizing mindsets” that exist in our culture. For exactly the reasons you mentioned. The myth of meritocracy allows us to be quite content with the current social order.