Mentoring program at SECA

I was doing some work to identify community assets, and I was thinking about how to start a mentoring program for SECA students. The main purpose of the program would be to help SECA students learn about different pathways to success and to learn about careers and training paths that they might not know about. It would also serve as an extra piece of support for SECA students, as the mentors could be a source of encouragement in a way that might be different than a teacher or SECA staff person. It occurred to me that an asset we have at SECA are the people who work at the DSC. I would like to create this mentor program with DSC staff, from any job, and plan to pilot this with our AVID students.

Does anyone have any experience running mentor programs? Or are there any resources people might know about to help get me started? I am specifically looking for activities that students and their mentors might be able to participate in together or other ideas to help me get this started. It would be nice to have my pilot started by 4th quarter. Any assistance would be appreciated!