Math Resource Thread

There are so many different resources out there for math, who can keep track of them all? I thought I’d start a thread where people can share stuff exclusive to math. I’ll start with a few:

TeacherAdvisor with Watson - Lesson planning tool from IBM’s famous AI, Watson. I just learned of this recently from Beth Kowski and have started to explore it. What I like is that only includes credible, vetted content. One interesting piece, as I’ve begun using this, is that it aims to account for things like whether your students are English language learners, have specific learning disabilities, or have needs related to executive functioning.

Prodigy Game - “Gamified” math for Grades 1-8. I know of a couple classrooms that use this for supplemental practice and the students enjoy it quite a bit.

Daily Overview Math blog - 3 Act Math, Estimation Challenges, Number Talks – awesome stuff for the beginning of class, warm-ups, making concepts relevant, etc.

I’ll add more here in the coming days, excited to see what others add!

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Don’t forget EdReady!

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Here’s another: Common Core math curriculum. This isn’t exactly the most innovative share, lol. EngageNY is produced by the New York Department of Education. It’s a fully free, open educational resource, and what I really like about it 1) it’s vetted, 2) big emphasis on number sense & fluency, 3) the lessons are full of really rich, engaging classroom activities. We’re seeing some great engagement in one elementary classroom with these lessons now.

It would be great if people could keep posting here that have experience with particular resources.

We will be rebuilding NSO Math content next year to remove our dependency on vendor materials and I’m looking at a combination of OpenStax, Geogebra, MPCC & EdReady as core content. Then we would likely supplement with additional materials from places like EngageNY and PhET.