Making Your Own Interactive Content

Has anyone heard of H5P? The software is free and there is a Moodle plug-in available. It allows for all kinds of interactive elements with text, video, images that aren’t possible with what we have now. I’m particularly interested in the interactive video. Any interest in this?


This looks pretty cool. I have some things I’ve put together this year that I want to re-sequence and reformat at some point. I may try this software.

I am designing my first Moodle courses and would love to take advantages of this type of plug-in. It looks very appealing and I would love to learn how to use it.

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Ok, I’ll install the Moodle plug-in then.

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It’s ready. You can build right in Moodle now. There are tutorials and walkthroughs enabled when you begin to create. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Here’s their statement…

Welcome to the world of H5P!

To get started with H5P and Moodle take a look at our tutorial and check out the example content at for inspiration.
The most popular content types have been installed for your convenience!

We hope you will enjoy H5P and get engaged in our growing community through our forums and chat room H5P at Gitter.

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Hi Jon–

I just made an ‘interactive video’ – I really like this feature! I am curious if you know or have played around with exporting content so that I can use it in another course? The documentations says there should be a ‘download’ button in the interactive content page but I can’t seem to find it, let me know if you have any insights.

Thanks for adding this, I am really excited!

…and… I found it. Just need to turn it on in the display settings…

I’m adding this to my list of Things to Check Out. Thanks!

Glad you found it. I turned it off by default so that students wouldn’t automatically be able to download in case there were any copyright restrictions on the content.

Good. I have less and less time for experimenting these days so I’m curious to see what people come up with. Even just seeing a few ideas would likely help me get my own for my class.

I just created an account and played around with it for a few minutes. It appears to work with Japanese fonts, so that’s a plus.

I created a math quiz and that was kind of helpful too, but it didn’t seem to offer the option of mixing basic math functions. You could only get addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division, but not with them interleaved. That might just be me not figuring out how to make things correctly yet though.

I won’t have much more time to work on it today, but I’m curious to see what we can do with this. The fact that it has a Moodle plugin is awesome.

Could we put this on the NSO site too?

:grimacing: If you think it’s useful. I’ll have to find a time where there aren’t any people on to run the installation. That site always lags behind because we’re always hesitant to take it down.

This continues to be the thing that we have the most interest in learning but the least time to do it. I’ll continue to post updates though…

They’re claiming “major accessibility improvements” and some of the demos here are slick. Since we have interest in this from a number of coaches Mike, I’m wondering if we should try to figure out some kind of method to learn more.

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Mike and I have decided to learn a bit more about this. In case anyone wants to follow along with what I’m looking at, I’m going to post some notes and resources here before I start any type of PD module on it.


Examples and Downloads

The biggest problem I’m having now is with Chrome and our site’s HTTP settings. There are reasons we haven’t gone to https yet and I can’t figure out how to get Chrome to allow the use of my microphone yet. There used to be an Allow button in the content settings but it’s no longer there and when I click on the icon my only two choices are to Ask or to Block. I click on Ask but nothing happens.

This is the story of my life. I ask myself questions and nothing happens.

It’s frustrating when functionality is removed from a tool I use regularly. I guess Google and Chrome know better than I do what I should be allowed to do. I’ll talk to Jonas about what we need to do in order to switch to https without some of the hassle we’ve run into previously. Might take some tweaking on a demo site.

In the meantime, I added you and Scott Wright to a demo H5P course where we can experiment. If anyone else wants to play in there as well, let me know. Everyone can just experiment within his/her own topic section.

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Thanks. I just spent a half hour looking at the examples and thinking about what I might use them for.

I’ve got to check Japanese language functionality with them as well, but usually that stuff just works fine now.

I used some of the H5P modules in my moodle course last year and will definitely continue to use it. I am very interested in seeing some of the new developments!