Our makerspace room has just become a classroom. I’m looking for ideas for a cart to be made or purchased to house a roving makerspace. It would be nice if some space on the cart could be locked. Ideas?

Not exactly a helpful response, but a related question:

I’m looking for more ideas to turn our library into a makerspace with a literacy slant. Right now I have Scrabble boards, blackout poetry supplies and student book review forms. Ideas?

how about literacy themed puzzles boxes? I’ll keep thinking…

Have you seen this, Carol?

Resources for Starting a Mobile MakerSpace

Again, this is not an answer but rather a question. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get tools and and materials to add to a makerspace? I’ve purchased tons of stuff out of my own pocket, but I could use a lot more tools. (i.e. more soldering irons, screwdrivers, wire cutting tools, etc.) I just don’t have the expendable funds to buy more equipment.

What about working with the woodshop teacher at W-Alt/WEST to have them create/build a cart? If the wood, hinges and locks could be found for free or cheap it might be a project that students in another program could build for you. Just a thought.

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Rob, have you considered doing any kind of crowdfunding – like a Donor’s Choose project? They are pretty easy to throw together and have a very high rate of getting funded (especially for projects under $400 – when they get more expensive than that the rate of getting funded drops a bit).


Thanks so much. I love the idea of dedicated carts. We could easily have one cart for electronic elements (makey makey, little bits, etc) and another for craftier things. Thanks for the link - great blog!

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Here’s another great resource for all things Makerspace - including organization ideas in various environments, such as carts and libraries: Renovated Learning


That site looks good, nice share!

Rob, I second @BenDrewelow 's suggesion of donorschoose. I have done few campaigns including one for a 3D printer, one for the filament for that 3D printer, and just finished another one for some vertical gardens to add to our aquaponics that students are building at WEC. In total I’ve received more than $900 in supplies for our school.

@cdbrink Carol, I would definitely say reach out to Tim Holzheuter at WEC (Woods Teacher) and see if he’d be game for helping to build it.

Here is a picture of the grow towers that we just got for our aquaponics.

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Thanks for the great idea Ben and Scott! I totally forgot about donors choose. I used it a few years ago to get analytical balances for some AP chem classes that I was teaching and my project was funded in just a few days. I’ll get to work on that right now!

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Eve, Ben posted this on twitter - I know it’s more than a quick cart activity, but thought it might be worth consideration for a literacy activity…
Digital Literacy Challenge: Create an Information Filter Bot
By Wesley Fryer On January 7, 2017

Thanks! We have money to buy a couple of carts, but it would be great to have a mobile work space for more heavy duty projects - I’ll check in with Tim and see if they would be interested in building something!

The grow towers look fabulous!

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