Magazine Recommendations

One of the programs I work with is looking for magazine recommendations. Their students are enjoying things like People, but they’re hoping to curate more thoughtful offerings. They serve K-12 students, so anything targeted towards children or teens would work.

There has been some good reporting coming out of Teen Vogue for the last couple of years. While on it\s face, it might seem like a strange recommendation, they’ve done some great stories on equity and politics. They also deal with some pop culture stuff which may help get readers initially engaged.

I’m wondering if something more subversive like Mad Magazine might also be worth an attempt.

The MN Conservation Volunteer Magazine might help get at students who are interested in local biology/ecology. It’s free for schools I think.

Game Informer, Wired, Discovery, Popular Science, Teen Ink, Black Enterprise, The Source are some others that come to mind.

Thanks Jon!
Teen Vogue was one of my first thoughts, but they no longer have a print edition and the students at this school would not be able to access the digital version :frowning:

I will look into the other choices, they seem great.

Here’s the collected list so far, in case anyone is looking for a similar list.

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