MAAP Conference Duluth Feb 2019 (Party time, excellent!)

(Channeling my inner Wayne & Garth in the Topic title there… )

The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) is having their annual conference in Duluth at the DECC Wed 2/6-Fri 2/8. Often one of the nice things about the MAAP conference is the chance to connect, decompress, and spitball with others working on the same professional issues you face.

Who else is going? Want to plan a 287 social / debrief session for one or both evenings?

Hi Leslie,

Is this something students attend as well, or is it mainly for MAAP educators? Also, I love Wayne’s World.


It is attended by alternative school staff, teachers, and administrators. It is also attended by vendors. Usually the only students involved are possibly from the hosting town volunteering their time or helping to share something that one of their staff is presenting. There is no mechanism for students to just attend.

OK, thank you for that clarification.

I’ll be presenting there! I know that there will be some others from 287 in attendance, Jon Voss, Lea Dahl, maybe David VanDenBoom, not sure who else.

I know Leslie is going, and Lauren Anderson had expressed interest as well. It might be nice to get someone from Gateway going as well. I’ll mention it to Rob Schoch.

I’m bringing a projector for my presentation. If anyone from 287 presenting at MAAP needs to use it let me know.

If anyone has an answer, feel free to hit me up on email (hlgrebe)…

Is there a district template for slides I should use when presenting at a conference like this?

That’s a good question, but not one we’ve ever really jumped into. Our district colors don’t work so well when we’re also trying to design for accessibility because they end up causing contrast issues. It does give me something to work on though and see if I can get a template made and shared in Google Slides. For this one though, go with what you like. If you need anyone to review/provide feedback, I’d be happy to look at anything ahead of time.

This isn’t an official Slides template, but I’ve always liked the simplicity of this one.

Have a great conference everyone, and good luck to all presenting!

And safe snowy travels!