Do we have any resources or curriculum for keyboarding skills? Or does anybody know of a credible free online program that a teacher could use to teach keyboarding? I find a lot of stuff when I do an surface level internet search, but wondering if anybody has actually vetted any of the sites that are out there, or if anybody has a recommended program.

I would love some info on this if you find/hear anything. I think it’s a necessary skill that is lacking for many of our students.

We actually have something for this already in Moodle. It’s called MooTyper. There are some assessments built in already, but we would likely need to build our own.

In a course, turn editing on, choose an activity, choose MooTyper, you can configure there. It would be great to create a larger bank of lessons.

Interesting, thanks Jon, I will take a look at that.

Ok, I think I need more information. I’m not sure what to configure. When I add activity “MooTyper” it basically brings me to a blank page creation screen. I created a test page and it doesn’t seem to really “do” anything – it just appears as a Moodle page. The only thing I see different about the activity editing screen is “MooTyper Administration” which brings me to a page that looks like this, but I have no idea what to do with it:

Clearly my Moodle building skills are somewhere between zero and novice at this point!

This is a plugin and it can take some getting used to. I will make a video that walks through it. We have the ability to upload more lessons if we want, what is there is a sample. On the student end, it’s pretty simple and easy to follow. I never mentioned it before because I wasn’t sure anyone would use it. I’ll follow up here with more info soon…

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My son uses with his occupational therapist, and I think they have used it at his K-8 school. I think it is mostly free, but I don’t know if that is just from the student perspective. It seems like a pretty good program. You can set up an account and track your progress.

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