Kanbanchi for Project-Based Learning

Well, who knew?!? Kanbanchi, which several District 287 users have been using together with Scrum for project management, has an education version geared specifically to educators and students and Project-Based Learning.

Free Kanbanchi Education for PBL


Sweet! I’m signing up right now. Squirrel!

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This pleases me.

Looking a little closer, this would be (will be!) a great way to set up kanbans with students for achieving their IEP goals and objectives.


I’ve started using the regular Kanbanchi for a project I’m working on, but haven’t played around with this yet. I’m curious how it might be different from regular Kanbanchi.

Awesome!! I have been using Trello, but am anxious to try this out (or even import my Trello boards). Thanks for sharing!

In looking at this, is there any difference between the regular Kanbanchi I’ve been using and the Kanbanchi Education for PBL @MikeSmart linked to?

I think this is a great tool and now have 5 different Kanbans. Now if I only had more time to get all these tasks done!

Please share if you decide to use Kanbans of any form in your classrooms to manage student tasks! I would love to hear about it.

Trello specific question:
I have a set of backlog cards in a list. I have a list for the things going in the sprint, then a doing & a done. Is there a way to collapse or hide the backlog list to keep it from distracting/stressing the team members? (But still keep the backlog associated with the board?)

(Inspired by my Scrum training at SEC yesterday! I am using trello so I can work it on my phone. )

Hi Leslie. The best way to do this in Trello, which isn’t ideal I don’t think, is to keep your big list of backlog items on a separate board. It’d be great if you could hide or collapse a list but I don’t think you can. However, you can easily send/share cards from one board to another.

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The other solution I came up with - insert a bunch of spacer (empty) lists and then move “backlog” to the far right. That way they are mostly out of view off the screen but pretty easy to grab if a sprint has ended.

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There are a lot of plugins for Trello. One of them is this one, called Trello Collapse Lists. No reviews yet but 30 users.

You go first? :smile:

Oh, wait, this one might be better. 4 stars on 9 reviews.

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Quick Update…

Kanbanchi has changed their model, so any non-educational organization has to pay to use it. By default they have made it so only .edu email addresses are classified as educational. Currently District287.org email addresses are showing up as corporate, so you’ll be asked to start a one-month trial then be forced to pay after that to continue using Kanbanchi.

I’ve reached out to them to have our @district287.org email addresses in their education umbrella, so we can continue to use Kanbanchi.

I’ll update as things move along.

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Kanbanchi has set our @district287.org addresses as educational, so everything should revert to normal for us now.

I was working in one of my boards this morning and all was working fine.

Please post here if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary with it.

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