Is there a App. like School Dude for a School Bike Repair Program?

Just wondering if anyone knew if there is a computer program that functions like School Dude that we could adapt to using for our bike repair program at NEC. Using google docs (like we are currently planning to do) seems tedious and unable to handle bike repair and completion details(like if a student only repairs half the things on the request, how do we track and make sure the rest of fixes get completed?) Thanks for any ideas that anyone would have!

I wonder if this could be done with Google Forms.

  1. Form for a repair request,.

  2. An “invoice” type of form that the repair crew would fill out after.


For NSO we use a Google Form that has a script that sends the email notification with the actual text and not just a notification that something has been submitted. The questions and the responses…


First Name = Student

Last Name = Studentson

Email Address =

What is your question? = None of my assignments are working. When I logged on today, this morning in fact it was working fine. The end of the tri isnt till tomorrow and it isn’t letting me access any of my assignments.

Which browser are you using? = Chrome

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So then we have that as the notification and the spreadsheet to track the work that has been done on the request.

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I like the google form idea to try as a starter. So glad you guys are able to set the bike repair shop up!
Can’t wait to see it in action.

How is it going to work? Are you looking for bikes to repair/tune up?

The bikes in Sun are going to provide us with a decent amount to do on a weekly basis. So how we hope it will work is that a staff comes to Tammy and then she fills out a bike repair request form in google that teachers in CIP have access to. They then complete the fix and then complete the same google form, (check a different box) so that Tammy can see the fix was worked on. I will add you Mike as collaborator on the form so you can look at it and then give me your thoughts.