Innovation Tips/Ideas for Administration

Hello Innovation Coaches and other innovators on the 287 Innovation Forum. Having been an innovation coach when I was teaching math for District 287 I learned a lot. Everyday I strive to use what I have learned from my time as innovation coach.

I would like to know what innovative Tips & Ideas to you have for administrators to use/implement? I would love to hear everyone’s feedback as to how our administration can become more innovative.

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One quick thought that comes to mind…

Remind for improving attendance!

@BenDrewelow and @RobSchoch can share more on this, but you might find that immediately helpful in building community and improving attendance.

(The Remind conversation should probably have its own thread, actually.)

Scott, we miss you on the innovation team but it’s great to have you in the district as an admin.

I think one way admin can innovate is by helping find ways to give staff time to do all the critical work that the district is trying to achieve. A couple successful examples come to mind: offering a stipend incentive for writing PBL plans for ALC Summer Academy, scheduling program “retreats” over the summer for staff to be adequately prepared for workshop week (this happened at NEC last summer). I know time is money and it doesn’t grow on trees, but I do think that the examples I named produced a high yield.

The other front I’m thinking of is communication and community. Mike mentioned Remind, but I think 287 administrators could lead the way in trying to create more family and community connections with our programs. Being an intermediate district not based in one municipality, students often live very far from school and community connections don’t necessarily happen naturally.

One thing that comes to mind is having a platform that will connect the collective thoughts of the staff to the administration. If we can make that connection I think potentially we can have a more refined perfection. The strength is in the numbers, so let’s harness the collective understanding for the purpose of providing fresh revelation to the administration.

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@hmcushing is really interested in this, and Keith George is a proponent as well. The research behind strong community involvement and learning is really good. I’m not sure that it needs to be solely admin driven, but we could definitely improve in this area. :slight_smile:

I know that Keith talks alot about creating mutually beneficial “Linkage Agreements” with community organizations that specify how the school will work with the organization. I really like the term “Linkage Agreement”.