Info graphics lesson plans?

I am going to be leveraging the Big History Project curriculum for earth science.
It has some great lessons on reading info graphics, but I’d also like to have students create info graphics. Anyone already having students do that? Good software or lesson ideas?

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A quick tutorial on it:

Kinds of infographics:

I went to a TIES session on creating infographics a couple years ago. Here is the resource site from the session.

I’ve used Canva several times—students really liked it.

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I have used piktochart with my students. They really like it and have found it easy to use.

We are using piktochart to make an infographic about the Big Bang. I have a student who was google image searching for hydrogen and helium, then saving images to the computer and browsing for them to upload and then running into a 40 MB import limit in piktochart.

Trouble-shooting advice? I suspect the students are supposed to be using “icons” instead of googling images? (@lranderson15? others?)

Try taking a screenshot of the image, those end up being much smaller file sizes. Snipping Tool would do this for you. I’m not sure what the keyboard shortcuts for it are, but I’m guessing there are some.

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