IGT: Vaping

IGT = Interesting Google Trends
(Maybe a series of posts exploring what Google Trends can tell us about education-related things)

Here’s a graph of how the term “vaping” is trending on Google Search in the US:


  • Our own kids, who are in high school in a local district, say that vaping is “everywhere”. Kids are vaping in class, in bathrooms, in hallways. A lot of their talk is about how large numbers of kids are addicted to it.

  • Google Trends would support their observations, as vaping searches have skyrocketed, with only one odd dip, from 2013 to the present. It’s now at an all-time high and trending upwards still. The term started showing up in 2011, but didn’t become a thing until 2013.

  • On a national scale, Minnesota is 44th nationally in interest, with a score of 60 out of 100. West Virginia and Idaho show the highest interest. Virginia, oddly considering its proximity to West Virginia, is #50, but still at a 53 out of 100.

I’m curious how much of that is nicotine vs. THC vs. CBD vs. non-psychoactive flavored liquid. I’m also curious how much passing-around-of-unknown-liquids is happening.

Vaping is such an inexpensive and easy way to microdose various substances, I don’t think we can even imagine the effects we’ll be seeing in the next decade. Bizarre pharma interactions, dangerous new allergies… it’s going to be fascinating and occasionally terrifying.

Just anecdotal, but our daughter talks about the nicotine addiction she sees in other students. One kid tried to talk her parents out of going on a spring break trip because she knew that she would have trouble vaping while traveling. First world problems, I know.

And I’m not sure it’s that cheap? It sounds like the amount kids who are addicted are going through versus the cost gets up there pretty quickly.

One of my children noted vaping’s higher use among their friends with mental health / suicidal tendencies - a mindset of “I might not live long enough for this to matter.”

Purely anecdotal evidence, of course.

Uff. That’d be really sad if that’s the case.