IDEO's Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design

IDEO is a leading organization who works with Innovation centered around Design Thinking. They are very well respected in the field of innovation, and are always showing up in innovation literature.

From May 9 - July 5, they are running a free online course “Design Kit: The Course for Human Centered Design” for teams of 2-6 people. It’d be a great opportunity to learn about human centered design and design thinking.

The time investment seems modest, about 20 hours total over the length of the course, with about 40% of the course individual work and 60% group work.

I’m wondering if we want to put together a team or teams from District 287 to take the course? The course would be ideal for staff and administrators interested in innovation. If we complete the course, we get certificates of completion from IDEO/Acumen, which I’m sure can be used for CEU credit as well.

I’d like to join a team, for sure.

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I’m interested but not sure I could make the commitment yet. Consider me “tuned in” for now…

Sounds good. I agree that the 2-3 hours of group work would be tricky in May/early June.

I would be interested as well. I agree that time will be tough with it being the end of the school year.

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Cool! I’d be interested in this too, with the same caveats about timing and availability.
Thanks, Mike!

In case it helps, I was wondering if this sort of thing comes up often, but it looks like it’s once a year.

Ben S and I were talking this morning and we are thinking to give this a try.

A little more information on what this is all about:

I’ve signed up for this. Because it’s only once a year I don’t want to miss it, and learning about design thinking has been on my list of things to do for more than a year.

I signed up too! Looking forward to it.

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If it’s not too late to join the party, I’m in.

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Great! Not too late at all. I was just talking with Ben S about the course and we’re excited that you can join in. Do you need any help signing up?

I want to sign up as well. @MikeSmart is there anything specific I need to do to join our District 287 group?

I have signed up team!

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Awesome! I’m excited that you’re in! According to the course information, we organize groups once the course launches, so there doesn’t appear to be anything we need to do at the moment other than to sign up as an individual.

I’m excited to learn about this. More and more over the past couple of months I’ve been running into Design Thinking in innovation, service, and well, everything.

It does appear that the course will require getting together on a weekly basis. Ben S and I talked about trying to do things digitally via Hangout, but we might need to discuss what options we’d have to physically gathering in the same place at the same time if the digital possibilities don’t work as well.

If we do need to actually get together a few times, early morning might be the best time for me.

I’m registered, too. Looking forward to learning with y’all!

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Fantastic! We’ve got the best team EVER now. :slight_smile:

An engineer friend of mine would like to join our group as well and has signed up for the course. That gives us 5 now!

That would be me. Looking forward to this!

My profile page is at!/users/jwag.


One of us! One of us!

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I was talking with Carol this morning and we were wondering if it makes sense, now that we have five people in the course, to set up a fixed time for meeting once a week for an hour and a half or so at a relatively central location? If we end up not needing the time, we could just cancel it. If we figured that we can accomplish things via Hangout just as well, then we could use the time to meet remotely.

The thoughts we had is that with five people coordinating schedules might be tricky unless we get something in place sooner than later.

The three options would seem to be early morning before work, right after work/late afternoon, or evenings. Speaking solely from a personal perspective, late afternoons and evenings are tricky for me with family/sports stuff. I don’t mind early mornings at all. Something like Thursdays from 6:00am to 7:30am could work nicely for me, but I’m open to any other ideas.