Idea: Student Mentoring / Support Group for Special Conditions

Greetings Fellow Innovators,

Cynthia Fort brought an idea to me that I thought I would post here for folks to chew on. We would welcome any input or feedback. Here is the gist of the idea:

  • Cynthia is a physical health disabilities teacher in our itinerant department. She works with students with some low incidence disabilities and special medical conditions. For some students they might not have any peers in their school who deal with their same condition (examples: rheumatoid arthritis, spina bifida, etc.). Cynthia is piloting an effort to connect two peers from different schools (with the same unique condition) in sort of peer-mentoring capacity.

Our questions for you are: Is this something that could be a bigger project? Would there be interest? Is it scalable? Do other school staff see a similar need (students who may not see peers who share their specific challenges)? We’re open to any input you have!

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This is a fabulous idea. Does anything like it exist in other districts? Would PACER or other organizations know?