Help with Read & Write on Chromebooks

Does anyone have experience with using the Read & Write extension on Chromebooks?

I can use it with Google Docs, but I can’t get it to read a webpage like it does on my laptop/desktop.

(The work around for now is to copy and paste into a doc :-1: )

I do have experience with it and would be the contact for the district for any questions or support.

Can you share an example of a website that isn’t working?

In general, navigate to the webpage, make sure the toolbar is visible (press the purple puzzle piece while in Chrome), and press play

Option 2: Highlight the text, and then press the play button to have the highlighted text read.

Option 3: You can select the screenshot reader tool, click and drag the cross-hairs around the text, and it will begin reading after you have set the area.

One more thing. . .
I participated a Read&Write webinar this summer to introduce all of the tools, features, and strategies for use. We have a recording of this and I am working on getting this into the PD hub to have with the district. Stay tuned

The student was trying to have a Wikipedia page read. We could get it to work on my laptop, but not on the student Chromebook- we couldn’t even get Read & Write to launch on the wiki page, but it would successfully launch and read aloud when we tried a Google Doc. :thinking:

I rarely use Chromebooks, so I’m curious if it’s user error or something we missed. I’ll try to get my hands on another Chromebook and play around tomorrow.