Haidt, Righteous Mind, Heterodoxy

I have Haidt’s book The Righteous Mind published in 2012.

I personally will not be able to read its ~400 pages, but I have read a summary and I’m trying to follow up on some of his ideas. In particular, one of his main points is that our unconscious/subconscious and emotional minds are like a big strong elephant and our reason mind is like a rider on the elephant that is there to serve the elephant; the rider often acts more like a lawyer or press secretary for the things the elephant has decided. If we want to change someone’s mind, it is better to start talking to the elephant because the rider isn’t the one really in charge.

Anyway, I also came across this clip on youtube about the rising level of orthodoxy of thought in universities and elsewhere. It points out that universities in pursuit of “truth” and universities in pursuit of “changing the world” are mutually exclusive. He has started https://heterodoxacademy.org/
This video helps explain the importance of viewpoint diversity. I’m bringing this up because heterodoxy is the name of what I was seeking when I asked to create the Outpost on the forum! It was the result of me realizing that I don’t make much progress on stuff just with the thoughts in my own head - I need other people’s thoughts and beliefs to be able to evaluate my own.

I strongly value that 287 is an institution that is trying to improve itself, to change its world. While we’re at it, though, Haidt’s caution about orthodoxy/heterodoxy of thought seems like it might be important.


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